All over the world people realize that  CO2 emissions will have a  negative effect on our planet habitat. If we can realize that global warming stays below 2 degrees Celsius, we can avoid that disasters will happen with our ‘spaceship’ earth.

At Greenolution we do not want to be part of the problem, we want to work on solutions.

Mission of Greenolution is to initiate product-service innovation that makes our selves healthier and keeps our planet greener. Green evolution.

Inventing, prototyping, venturing and developing energy efficient greentech solutions is needed to help preserve our planet for future generations. Use oil for lightweight material solutions, don’t burn it!  Don’t carry tons of material around the globe, use local materials.  High speed is low speed in the end.

Christian Suurmeijer is founder and owner of Greenolution. He is born in Groningen and from an early age active with future vision, design thinking, visualization, imagineering, industrial design, user experience and usability. Till today he is  using his visualization and prototyping skills to transfer words into concrete plans and ideas for various projects. In cross functional teams he is always trying to look beyond, still balancing technology, cost and usability.

Greenolution’s vision is that mankind is able to create a world with smart sustainable solutions. Within this world we will use new lightweight clean vehicles that are more fun to use, healthy and practical at the same time.